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Monday 11th May

Monday 11th May

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all safe and well and had a good bank holiday weekend. I will try and vary the activities that I give you each day so that it doesn't become too repetitive. 


**Please just do what work you can and please please don’t worry if you don’t do it all. I’d rather give you lots to keep you busy than not enough. If you wish to do alternative activities, that is also absolutely fine. Just do what is right for your family situation. Also, if you become stuck or are unsure, please just ask me. **


 Today’s activities are as follows:

  1. A 10 minute buster from CGP Reading
  2. A 10 minute buster from CGP Grammar – if you have any left to do.
  3. A 10 minute buster from CGP Maths
  4. One Page of the big CGP Maths book
  5. Complete Day 26 spelling activities on Purple Mash 2Do
  6. Complete an Arithmetic activity on Kids Classroom Secrets.


Writing – Leavers Book

I am starting to put together a Leaver’s Book that I have published and printed to give to the children on their last day in school. It is a lovely keepsake for the children to have of their memories at St Stephen’s. As part of it, I ask the children to write about their own personal memories. So, for their writing task today, I would like them to write about their time at St Stephen’s. They may include:

What their best memories of school are

What the funniest thing that happened

What they enjoyed – any events or trips etc

What they will miss etc

These need to be sent to me either via dojo or email. Ideally, they need to be typed to that I can copy and paste them into the document. If you are struggling, take a photo of what they have written and send it to me on dojo.

I also would like you to send me a photo of them. It needs to be of them from the waist up or a head and shoulder shot – not a full body picture. This will go next to their writing in the book. If you would prefer not to have your child’s photo in the book then please let me know and I will make sure that your wishes are adhered to. Any questions, please just ask.


Science LO: To investigate the effect of exercise on our pulse rate.

Today you are going to investigate the relationship between exercise and pulse rate.

Think about and list the sorts of exercise you think raises pulse rate most and record them in your Green Book.

Now make a prediction and write it in your book. eg if I run for two minutes it will increase my pulse rate OR if I jump for three minutes my pulse rate will increase more and take longer to get back to normal.

Then, write about what you are going to do to test your prediction (ie. Write your method). Write it in full sentences. Here are some prompts to help you.

  • Test pulse rate at the start,
  • Complete exercise (what type are your doing)
  • Test pulse rate straight after exercise
  • Test pulse rate 2 minutes after exercise
  • Test pulse rate 4 minutes after exercise.

**You will carry out your investigation tomorrow**


RE – Look at the picture below:

Listen to and perhaps join in with the song My Lighthouse by Rend


We sing this song in school worship.

Who is the 'you' in the song? Who is the lighthouse?

"You are the peace in my troubled sea"

 How does Jesus bring peace?

"Your great love will lead me through" How great is Jesus love?


Watch the story of Jesus calming the storm in Matthew 8:23-27:

and the story of Jesus washing his disciples feet in John 13:1-17:

Create a picture that illustrates the words of the song and shows how Jesus can be our 'Lighthouse'.


Any completed work can be emailed ( or dojo’ed to me.


And as always, any questions please just ask.