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Monday 13th July

Hi Everyone

Hope you had a good weekend and a chance to read your school report and the letter that went with it.

Please can you let me know on dojo that you have received your report and read the attached report letter. If you have not already done so. 

Many thanks.


This morning we are going to start by reading the last first News for this term. Please click below.

First News

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

This week in spelling I want you to see how many spellings you know off the year 5/6 spelling list. Please go over the spellings on the list , taking a few each day and try to learn some or all of the ones you do not know.

Complete the Grammar mat.

Second Session

The focus this week is Pixar Perfect.

Be prepared to laugh, cry and everything in between as you deive into three of Pixar's best shorts.

Remember when following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.


Day 1

Watch and enjoy the Pixar short, Piper on youtube here -

Watch the film again, concentrating on the thoughts and feelings of Piper and Piper's parent. Once you have gathered the thoughts and feelings for Piuper and Piper's parent , create a free verse poem ( no rules poem ) for either character. You may want to use the thoughts and feelings you jotted down, look at improving some of your vocabulary by using a thesaurus or and presenting these as a poem, such as :


  Breakfast time -

    Hurray !


 Why is Mummy not

    returning ?

Desperate , starving.

Let's go and meet


 Search for food

   myself ?

 Has she lost her

   mind ?



Petrified, horrified.

What was that ?



Third Session

Fluency - Maths Challenge

Click below and do the weekly challenges. Then watch the video clip on Metric Units and do the worksheet.

Fourth Session

Watch the LPDS video clip for this week and have fun making stories.

Fifth Session

Watch and enjoy these two Pixar shorts ?

Hope you enjoyed those .

Take care

Mrs Cheetham