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Monday 13th July

Hello everyone.  

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine yesterday.  Everyone should have received their report now. If you haven't been able to do so, please let me know. 


If we had been on school this week, it would have been a lovely week, full of reflection on the year and preparation for your new class.  Some of the work I am setting this week  will follow this theme. 


Reading - Make sure you read for 20 minutes and collect any vocabulary you think is brilliant. 


Spelling - Some of our Year 3 /4 words can be used as a base for word families....if you can spell our key word, you should be able to use it to spell other word in the family. 

different straight appear early possess


English - Think about your time in year 3/4.  Can you remember how you felt back in September (excited/nervous/anxious?)  What has been you favourite topic this year?  Which book have you really enjoyed reading?  What are you going to remember about year 3/4? Have you made new friends?  Write a recount about your year in our class. 



Year3 - Draw accurately

Year 4 - Identify angles



Today is (hopefully) a beautiful sunny day. (If it isn't, do this when it is!).  This work will need to be completed over the course of the day.  Every hour I would like you to go outside and look at your shadow. You have to stand in exactly the same place each time.  How does it change?  Is your shadow always in the same place?  Is it always the same size?  Why do you think this is?  If you have a post ( at school I would use a rounders post)  draw round the shadow each hour.  When is it shortest?  



Use the Lancashire School Game timetable