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Monday 13th July

Monday 13th July

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all safe and well and had a good weekend. If you aren’t in school then you should be continuing to complete your remote home learning. As it is the last week of term, I’ve set some different tasks for you this week


 Today’s activities are as follows:

  1. 30 minutes Read Theory – take your time and do not rush. Remember you are aiming for 80% or above.
  2. 30 minutes on TT Rockstars.
  3. If you have an IDL login…use it and complete some activities.



Write a recount of your favourite primary school memory. It could be about a school trip, a fun lesson, a visitor or an amazing activity. Explain what happened, when it was and who was there. Don’t forget to:

  • Write about the events in chronological order

  • Use emotive language to describe your thoughts and feelings

  • Include personal or other people’s opinions about the event.



Complete the Number of the Day task and then the problem solving task –

Multiplication Puzzle (both attached below).


Any completed work can be emailed ( or dojo’ed to me.


And as always, any questions please just ask.