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Monday 15th June

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!  

Well done for all the work you have been completing. Remember to send me your photographs nd let me know what you are doing.  Remember you have lots of options... the work I set on here, paper packs you can ask me to make for you, activities online on purple mash/TT rockstars, the BBC bitesize lessons... all will be great to keep you in the learning mode.  Try and get a good mix of screen time and paper activities, share devices with others in your house and make sure you get some exercise. 


Spelling Choose 10 words from your spelling list and write each word out 3 times. Use the look/say/cover/write/check


English This week you will look at the types of foods we need to eat to stay healthy through listening to songs and reading information, designing a menu and even creating your own active shake up activity!

  • Watch and enjoy the Keeping Healthy Song below
  • Discuss what you have learned after watching and enjoying the song. 
  • Now look at this website:  NHS – Eat Well Guide (You might need an adult to help find your way around the site)
  • After this, create, draw and label your own Eat Well plate.  Organise your plate into sections for: carbohydrates  protein  dairy foods fruit and vegetables 
  • You could present this by drawing on a paper plate or making your own plate out of paper/cardboard.  
  • Display it in your kitchen for everyone in your family to see.  
  • Next time you eat your dinner, can you identify all the foods on your plate and to which food group they each belong? 



We have already covered the content which is on the first page of the White Rose Hub, please use the video link below for the video.

Year 3 - Add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers (this may seem easy but is great revision)

Year 4 - What is a fraction?



I am sure you have all heard of Thor and Loki (Think Avengers!) Did you know they were Viking Gods?  Research Viking Gods and Goddesses and create some factfiles for them, what special powers do they have, what are they the God of? You could make some Viking God Top Trumps. 



Use the link below to access the Lanchashire Youth Games for PE, Do a Cosmic Yoga or Join Joe Wicks!