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Monday 18th May

Hello Year 3/4 

Wow! Monday again. 


Keep doing what you are doing... I know that everyone is doing different things and that is okay... you do what is right for you and your family. Make sure you share screens with others and allow  parents to work if needed. 


I have set some to dos on Purple Mash...well done to everyone who is accessing these.  Don't forget you can also play on the games on top marks, TT rockstars and any other cool stuff you find online.  The Oak academy has lessons for all year groups as does BBC Bitesize. 




Spelling - Choose another 10 words from the spelling list and write them 3 times each in your work book. 


English - Our theme this week is shoes!! 

  • Watch and enjoy the Caterpillar Shoes  clip together (link below)
  • Watch the film again and write down the types of shoes the caterpillar wears and who he gives them to.  
  • Pause the film when needed so you can write them down.  
  • Then write sentences, e.g. The caterpillar gave his … to the … so …  
  •  Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation together. 
  • Now hunt for all the shoes in your house and make a list, e.g. - school shoes - trainers - flip flops  - slippers 
  • Write a sentence about each type of shoe in your house, who wears them and for what, e.g.  
  • My Dad wears walking boots when he goes out hiking.  
  • I wear flip flops when I go on holiday.
  • My sister wears trainers when she goes running.  
  • Include the conjunction ‘when’ in each sentence to join the ideas together. You could switch each sentence around so that the sentence begins with ‘when’, e.g. When my sister goes running, she wears trainers.  




White Rose Hub Summer week 3 (beginning the 4th May)

Year 3 -Converting pounds and pence

Year 4 -  Mutiplying 2 digits by 1 digit ( we have done lots of this in class....this will be a great reminder and good practise!)


Have a go at number of the week as well 



Back to the Vikings this week.

Use the BBC website below and find out about life in Viking times.  There are some great interactive games on here.  See if you can drawn a picture of a Viking house and label it with any important facts and information.



Follow this week's timetable for the Lancashire youth Games. Send me some pictures and videos of what you get up to.