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Monday 20th April

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well and have had a good rest.

Here is your work for today.

First Session

Please take the first five words off the year 5/6 spelling list in the paper pack and learn what they mean and how to spell them and write them in your exercise book. ( excellent, existence, explanation , familiar and foreign )

Then do the 2do on word splits on purple mash . Remember that a noun is used to identify people, places or things. Adjectives describe the noun. Verbs are words that describe the action, state or occurrence and adverbs qualify an adjective , verb or another adverb.


Second Session

This half term Key stage 2 are using the Lancashire Professional Development Service Literacy Materials.

There is a different theme each week. Our focus for Year 5, this week is Ancient Greece. As we did some work on this last term it should hopefully be easy to do.


So , we start today with exploring Greek Gods by using the following website.


1. In your exercise book, make some short notes about each God.

Which is your favourite Greek God ? Why ?

2. Now read the extract from the the book' Greek Gods and heroes'

Click below


You can also find the text on

Membership is free.

3. Imagine you are to write an entry about your favourite God to go into the book.

4. Design a page which could be inserted into the book.

Think about your layout so it is similar to the rest of the book. Features such as fact boxes , subtitles and pictures may be used. This can be placed in your exercise book.

Third Session 

I have found some more maths games to play that will help your learning. Go to the website ( Don't need to login )

Scroll down and click on Tommy's Trek - Timestables

1. Press play

2. Read how to play

3. Then start the game

4. Choose a timetable

5. Then level of difficulty

6. Select a World

7. Enjoy playing the game.


We are going to carry on with fractions. This week we are going to go back over equivalent fractions to make sure we really understand them before we move on to comparing fractions.

Go to google and put in

Scroll down to Primary /Upper Key stage 2 - Fractions

Watch Lesson 1 - NCETM - 1. Developing Understanding of equivalent fractions through quantity, area and number line model.

Please do the task on your squared paper.

Fourth Session

Our new Science topic this term is Heart, Circulation and diet and exercise.

Use Purple mash and use the 2do 'All about organs'. We are going to learn about some of the vital organs in the body. Use the information given and use the template to write about these organs.

Fifth Session

Have a go at a Joe Wicks Workout. Search joe wicks workout youtube and pick one of the dates below. Have fun !


Remember - Everyone works at different rates. Please just do what you can, in the time you have got. Don't worry if you do not complete all the sessions. I would rather give you lots of work to keep you busy than not enough.

Have fun and let me know how you get on. You can keep completed work in your book, email it to me or dojo.

Take Care 

Mrs Cheetham