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Monday 20th April

Hello Year 4 and welcome back to "school" after our Easter holidays! I hope you are well and keeping safe in this beautiful weather. 

**Please just do what you can and please don't worry if you don't do it all. I'd rather give you lots to keep you busy than not enough.**

Literacy =

Read the Chapter 1 of 'The Train To Impossible Places' using the PDF below. 

This could be read by a parent or older sibling ect. reading the text to you, by reading a page to each other or independent reading.


1. Find these words in Chapter 1 and discuss the meaning with your family: 

sprawled, stifle, unruly, enthusiasm, rare, affliction, sparked, forming, oblivious. 

2. Look up some of the new words that you don't know the meaning of in a dictionary or by using Word Hippo (A free app).   Link-

3. Can you find synonyms (a word that means the same eg. huge is a synonym of big) for your words and write these as a word bank that you might use later in the week.
4. Create a wordsearch using the new words that you have explored. See if someone in your family can solve either your wordsearch or crossword.

Text for Literacy - The Train To Impossible Places

Maths =

I have set a few recap activities today based on multiplying e.g. 24 X 6 or 324 X 6. 

1. Complete either 1 star or 2 star multiplication calculations. 2 star is slightly harder, choose the one you feel confident doing but remember to challenge yourself!

2. Complete either 1 star or 2 star multiplication problems. The 2 star problems are harder (some are quite challenging!). Choose the one you feel confident doing but remember to challenge yourself!

HINT - there are 2 calculations to do in each 2 star question!


Remember -

To multiply by a single digit by a multiple of 10, the digits move one place forward.

e.g. 20 X 6 =    2 X 6 = 12   12 X 10 = 1 20

To multiply by a single digit by a multiple of 100, the digits move two places forward.

e.g. 300 X 6 =    3 X 6 = 18   18 X 100 = 1,800


Spellings =

Complete 'Monday 20th April Spellings' Quiz on Purple Mash in your 'to do'. Please write down the correct spelling of any that you get incorrect and learn them. 


Art =

Make a rainbow fish for our display at school. You can drop it off at the school office without contact.

This is your art for the week so try and get your fish completed by Friday. 



Our new topic in Science is 'Sound'. 


Use the powerpoint below to find out about how sound is created. 

1. Have a discussion with someone at home about what you already know and want to know about sound.


2. What sounds can you hear around your house? Create a list in your yellow book. Perhaps you can hear the tapping of a keyboard while your big sister does her home learning. Maybe there is a thud of a football or music from speakers. You might be able to hear cars outside or birds in the trees.


3. A good way to see vibrations creating sound is to put a ruler or similar object off the end of a table, tap the end of it to create a sound and watch the vibrations. Take a picture of you doing this or draw a diagram and see if you can answer this question:What happens to the sound and vibrations when you play about with the length of the ruler handing off the end of the ruler? Why do you think this happens?   I look forward to seeing the pictures and explanations on dojo!