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Monday 20th April

Hello Year 3/4 

Welcome back to "school" after our Easter holidays... hasn't the weather been glorious? I hope you have been able to have lots of fun with your family.  We even managed to roll our eggs down the stairs instead of Avenham Park!


I have set some to dos on Purple Mash... try to complete these.  Remember, if it doesn't turn green you can do it as much as you want... this is a great idea, especially if it's times tables or typing practice!  Keep reading your own books too....let me know what you are reading!


Spelling - Choose another 10 words from the spelling list and write them 3 times each in your work book. 


English - This week we are going to be looking at the Twits by Roald Dahl.  Below, there is a file with the first few chapters.  I would like you to read these (or your parent's could read them for you).  Look at the vocabulary in these chapters.  Find exciting words and new words from the text and write them down e.g. tufts, matted, wise etc.  Discuss meanings of these words together.  
Look up some of the new words you have found in a dictionary or by using Word Hippo https://www.wordhippo. com/ 
Look in a thesaurus or Word Hippo to find synonyms and write these as a word bank. 
Write the new words you have found in a sentence.  Create and write ten sentences.Try to be ambitious when you write these sentences using conjunctions, subordinate clauses and fronted adverbials. Check spelling and punctuation in each sentence



This half term, while we are learning at home, we are going to be using the White Rose Hub Website.  This is the scheme we use at school. They have produced videos and work for the children to complete. I will upload work for year 3 and year 4.

 Year 3 week 1, lesson 3. 

Year 4 - Week 1 Lesson 14 

Please follow the links below. USE WEEK 1.....NOT THE WEEK BEGINNING 20TH APRIL.  As we didn't do this before half term we need to fill gaps. 



We are starting a new topic about sound.  Use the powerpoint below to find out about how sound is created.  There are some video links on the powerpoint too.  What sounds can you hear around your house?  Perhaps you can hear a whisk while Mummy makes cakes, or the tapping of a keyboard while your big sister does her home learning.  Maybe there is a thud of a football or music coming from speakers. You might be able to hear cars outside or birds in the trees.

A good experiment to complete with this would be to make Ooblek’ or ‘Goop’ by mixing 2 cups of cornflour with 1 cup of water. This creates a non-Newtonian fluid which will act like a solid if it vibrates or is placed under pressure, and will act like a liquid when little or no pressure is exerted on it. Put the Ooblek on a baking tray and place it on top of a speaker. Play some bass tones through the speaker and watch the Ooblek dance as it experiences the vibrations created by the sound!


Make a rainbow fish for our display at can drop it off at the school office contactlessly.


Go and get active with Joe Wicks.  Go for a walk in the (hopefully) sunny weather....what sounds can you hear?