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Monday 22nd June

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well.  This week may feel a bit different for some of you as brothers and sisters return to school.  You are all doing just great and I am so pleased with your effort, resilience and determination during this time. 


There are to dos on Purple Mash. 


Spelling -

Choose 10 words from your spelling list and write the 3 times in your book. 



This week is all about exploring characters from different stories and finding new vocabulary. At the end of the week, decide which character is your favourite!

Read and enjoy Chapter One of Mister Cleghorn’s Seal by Judith Kerr

After reading, discuss new and interesting vocabulary which you have read, e.g. edition, rearranging, newfangled, sum, stir, janitor, retreated. Write down the new vocabulary and use word hippo to explore similar words (synonyms) to help you understand them.

Create a character chart about Mister Cleghorn. Write down all the things you have found out about him.



Year 3 Add 3 digit numbers (Follow the Vimeo Link)

Year 4 - Add 2 or more fractions (White Rose hub week beginning June 1)



Can you remember where we were studying...that's right - The Lake District!

Today you are going to do some research about the area.  Use the link below and find out some facts about the area - Important towns, visitor numbers, tourist attractions.  Create a fact file for the Lake District using your information. 



Use the Lancashire School Games timetable daily this week.