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Monday 27th April

Hi Year 2,

Here are today's lessons. Remember do what you can and don't worry!


English- Click the links below to listen to and enjoy 'The porcupine' from 'Dirty beasts' by Roald Dahl. Watch the video to find out more about porcupines. Talk about what it must have felt like for the child in the poem. Listen to the poem again and write down your favourite words and phrases. Design and create a poster warning children about the danger of porcupines! Include some warning sentences using 'if' e.g; if you don't look out you could sit on one by mistake, if you sit on one it will spike you! Magpie your favourite words/phrases from the poem. You may also use some key facts from the information clip. Include a diagram on the poster, labelling the key parts!


Maths- White Rose hub home learning lesson 2- Comparing lengths.


Phonics/Spelling- This week we are looking at 'el' words. Do a few pages of this powerpoint every day. Miss Patel's group don't forget to keep collecting coins on Phonic Bug! This week's spellings are camel, tinsel, tunnel, bagel, squirrel, hazel, travel, vowel, towel, jewel. Remember to use word hippo for any words you don't know the meaning of.


Science- Today I would like you to find out about puffins. Where do they rest? What do they eat? Where do they nest? Why are puffins suited to live near the sea? What are the dangers for puffins and why are they becoming scarce? Draw and label a puffin and write a few sentences about them.