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Monday 30th March

Monday 30/3/20 Activities:


Hello Year 4! I am missing you all lots! Hope you are all well and keeping safe :)


I'm really enjoying getting your daily messages and photos - it really cheers me up. Keep sending me lots! If you haven't sent me a message or any photos yet, please do! I'd love to hear and see how you are getting on at home!


Here are your activities to complete today:



  1. Complete 'Converting numbers' in your 'to do' on Purple Mash. Converting between 10s, 100s and 1000s. Make sure you press 'save and exit' before closing the page. Please do not rush - I can see how long it took you to complete the activity and your answers - if you have rushed, i will send the activity back to you as a 'redo'.
  2. Log into your 'Kids Classroom Secrets' account and complete a Year 4 maths activity of your choice.
  3. Or choose an activity from your maths booklet to complete.
  4. Practice the ‘multiplication’ game on purple mash in your ‘to do’ folder OR complete a page from your times table booklet.



  1. 15 minutes of reading a day.
  2. Or listen to David Williams reading 'World's Worst Children'.
  3. Complete at least one ‘Read theory’ activity - please take your time and do not rush! The quizzes are set at your ability so you should be getting at least 80% on each quiz.
  4. Complete one activity in your reading booklet.



  1. Get somebody at home to test you on the spellings you learnt last week. Practice any that you didn't quite get right.
  2. Log into your 'Kids Classroom Secrets' account and complete a Year 4 spelling activity of your choice.
  3. Practice a page of spellings from your spelling booklet or practice your weekly spellings from your reading record. Remember to find the definition of each word, write each word into a ‘WOW’ sentence and practice each word in different ways.



  1. Go onto Pobble 365 website where there will be a new picture and activities each day. Please chose an activity to complete in your homework book or on paper.
  2. Complete 'Superhero Shopping Trip' on your 'to do' on Purple Mash. Add prefixes before some of the nouns in the sentence. The game will say 'well done!' when you have added all the pre-fixes to the sentences.Hint-  A prefix goes at the START of a noun (object). Make sure you press 'save and exit' before closing the page. Please do not rush - I can see how long it took you to complete the activity, your answers and what you have written - if you have rushed, i will send the activity back to you as a 'redo'.
  3. Or complete one improving sentence activity from your booklet.
  4. If you have an IDL account, log in and complete a lesson





Daily Code Breaker! 

Every day this week, i will be giving you some questions that will give you a digit each day to help unlock the padlock below. On Friday, you will have all 4 digits and you will need to follow the instructions to put the digits in order to unlock the padlock.

Dojo your code to me on Friday to see if you have been successful in unlocking the padlock!


Draw with Rob! Draw a 'Fred Bear'. Dojo me a picture of your finished bear :)


I have set a 'to do' of 'Solids, liquids and gases' on Purple Mash.

Please add a picture of a solid and write about what you can remember about its properties - Does a solid change its shape? What are the particles of a solid like? Can you draw/describe them? What can it not do that a liquid and gas can?  What can you change the state of some solids into? ect. Use google search for any answers that you can't remember.

Repeat for liquids and gases on poster. 


If you haven't got access to the internet, please complete your Solids, liquids and gases poster on a piece of paper and add drawings of solids, liquids and gases as well as writing facts about their properties. 

Staying Active:

1. Joe Wick's daily workout for children - This can be found on Youtube and the live session is from 9am daily.


2.Choose a Supermovers dance and song activity to do like we do in class. Have some fun!

Maths -

Literacy -