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Monday 4th May

Hello Year 3/4 

How are you all...I am fine, we are all keeping safe, well and healthy, hope you are too. 

Well done for everything you are doing at home.  I am really proud of how well you are all doing.  I love seeing all your work and getting your pictures and messages. Keep up the great work. 

Remember you do not need to do everything every day.... I set lots because some people  like to d the Purple Mash activities, some like to do the work set on here and some like the paper packs which I sent out.  Anything you do is fine. Remember to share your screen time with others and help grown ups around the house. 


Spelling - Choose another 10 words from the spelling list and write them 3 times each in your work book. 


English - Our English work this week is all based on Flat Stanley...I can remember reading this book when I was about your age ( a VERY long time ago!)  It is all about a little boy who is squashed flat by the pinboard in his bed. He gets up to all  kinds of adventures.  Later editions of this book are illustrated by Rob BIddulph which is pretty cool! 

Anyway, today I would like you to read or listen to chapter 1 of the book...I have attached a copy of the book on a pdf and a link to you tube (only listen to 2.30 mins)

  • Discuss the story so far together and consider these questions:  
  • What would it be like to be flat?  What would you do?  How would you feel? What adventures would you have?  Write answers to these questions with your own ideas.  
  • Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation together.  
  • You could begin to think of ideas for your own story about being flat!  
  • Think about these ideas: How might a new character become flat?  What would they do?  How would their family react?  What adventures might your new character have?




White Rose Maths

 Year 3 Summer week 1 (20th April) day 3. Problem Solving... This is quite tricky!  Don't worry if you find it challenging!

Year 4 - Summer week 1 (20th April) day 1 Make the whole ...You may also want to look at the fraction work from Year 3 as we missed doing that in class



Now that we know the Vikings came from Scandinavian countries, we need to think how they got here... They travelled on boats called Long Boats.  Have a search for some images of viking long boats.  Look at the dragon heads at the front of the boat, the shields along the side and the long oars that the vikings used.  Can you make your own Viking long boats out of recycled materials in your house or natural materials that you collect?  I would love to see them!


Join Joe Wicks or follow this week's timetable for the Lancashire youth Games. Send me some pictures and videos of what you get up to. Make sure you get out for a walk in the fresh air too.


Family Challenge this week

Create a picture using natural materials that you find from your garden or on your daily walk.