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Monday 4th May

Hi Everyone

Hope you have had a good weekend.

This week I am going to continue to read our class novel Tiger,Tiger by Lynne Reid banks. Look out for me on dojo ! There is also the weekly maths challenge. See how many questions you can answer over the week.


Here is your work for today.


First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Please take the next five words off the year 5/6 spelling list ( restaurant , rhyme, rhythm, sacrifice, secretary ) Learn what they mean and how to spell them. Write each word in a sentence and put it in your exercise book.

Today we are learning about parentheses in grammar. Click below. Watch the videos and do activity one and two. If you want to challenge yourself further, you can do activity three . Please put in your exrcise book.


Second Session

This week our focus is the novel: Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

Each day you will be asked to read a section of Danny the Champion of the world. You can choose to read this independently or with a member of your family.

When following links online , parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

If you have a copy of the text at home use this . If not, a full version is available to read here :

Read Chapter 1 - The Filling- Station

Then listen to chapter 1 and part of chapter 2 on the audio book.

Use the to help with any words you are unsure of such as filling station, basin and lavatory. Make a note of the definition and synonyms of the word.

Based on what you have read, do you think Danny is rich or poor ?

Use the evidence from the text to support your answer.

Now create a character profile for Danny based on what you have read in chapter 1. Make sure to use words and phrases from the text such as ,' During his early years , Danny spent all day in the workshop helping his father with cars.'

Third Session

Fluency -  Number of the week

Use the number of the week below to answer the questions in the grid.



We are continuing with decimals this week. Watch the video and you can either put the answers in your book or print off the sheet and write your answers on it. Click below
Then press the - ( minus) on Summer Term  Week 3 ( w/c 4th May ) in the right hand corner. Then press week 2 + and you will find Lesson 1 rounding decimals.

Fourth Session- Geography

This half term we are studying the country Greece. Start the session by doing a general quiz on countries and capital cities in the British Isles.

Look at the map of the world which shows the continents and the oceans. Then print off and label the outline World map with the continents and the outline map for the oceans with the five oceans.

Blank map of the world

Then look at the map of Europe and print off and label the blank map of europe with the countries.

Map of Europe

Fifth Session


Can you sing the days of the week in French ? Learn how to sing them and spell them.

Remember everyone works at different rates. I have given you lots of work. Don't worry if you don't complete everything. Do what you can in the time. If you still want more activities. You can always go on read theory and TT rockstars.

Enjoy your learning 

Take care 

Mrs Cheetham