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Monday 6th July

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all well. 

I am so impressed with all the work you have been doing.  I have missed you all so much over the last few months.  It has been lovely to see some of you at the food market or picking up siblings from school. Keep working will reap the benefits when we return to school in September. 


There are 2dos on Purple Mash for you all.  Make sure you continue with IDL if you have a log in and TT rockstars.... I am pleased to see some of you over on there a bit more.  Keep it up. 



invention  action completion expression admission discussion  expansion extension tension musician politician magician


These words all sound like they end in "shun"  but are spelt differently.  Write them 3 times each into your book.  Find the root word for each word




Listen/watch the clip below from Mary Poppins Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Now watch this clip from the 2017 Wildwood Kite Festival

Take a look at a kite festival in Lytham. Enjoy browsing through the photographs

Which was your favourite kite? Why did you like that one?

If you could design a kite, what would it look like? What shape would it be? What colours would it be?

Design your own kite and write a short description of it underneath.



Year 3 - Right Angles in Shapes

Year 4 - Comparing Charts


Year 4 might want to look over  the Year 3 work as well as we have not covered this in class this year and it will be a bit of a reminder (THIS IS  OPTIONAL!)



Follow the timetable below this week



The Vikings used Runes to write messages.  Use the Rune Sheet below to write your own Viking message