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Our worship leaders


Our worship leaders from Y1-Y6 had to put themselves forward for the role and be voted by their classmates. Each week we meet to evaluate worship, discuss ways to improve our reflection areas and plan Friday reflection worship. 


We have been looking at how children use the prayer areas around school and asking children, staff and parents their views about worship at our school.       

Worship leader's role

Our Aspire To Greatness Banners

Autumn 2- 2019

This half term we are thinking about the I in ASPIRE which stands for INCLUDE. Our Christian values are justice and forgiveness. " Love each other in the same way I have loved you" John 15:13

On the 11th November the 'Open the book' team performed the story of Nehemiah. In our class worship we looked at how we can build people up with our words or how we can hurt them. In the story we saw how God forgave the people and that reminded us how we are challenged to keep forgiving others. Y5/6 led worship at the end of the week and reminded us how forgiveness can be challenging but how it leads us to be free.



On 4th November Mr Pratt talked to us about 2 people who don't

often get talked about in the same conversation! We heard how Guy Fawkes and Jesus both fought against injustice but they dealt with it in VERY different ways! To follow this up, in our classes we talked about the injustices that were faced by our chosen class charities and how we can help. 

On 28th October, Dave told us the story of the Prodigal son. In our class worship we watched a modern day version of the story. We thought about how the story taught us to forgive others because that is what God does with us. We thought God was like the father and sometimes we are like the sons.

Autumn 1 2019-

The letter of ASPIRE we looked at was E for enjoy. "Give thanks to the Lord for he is good! His faithful  love endures forever." Psalm 107:1

Our Christian values that we explored were generosity and thankfulness.

On 30th September, Mr Pratt led worship and talked to us about David and his Psalms. We read some of the Psalms and saw how David was thankful through song, music and his words of thankfulness to God. In our class worship we read some Psalms and chose our favourite ones. It made us reflect on how we can show how thankful we are to God for all he has done for us. 

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever”.

Psalm 107:1    

 On 7th October, Vicar Dave led worship and talked to us about being generous with our thanks! He told us the story of St Paul and how he was thankful to his friends for writing him letters. We read about this in Ephesians 1. In our class worship we took the example of St Paul and thought about ways we can be a good friend and we wrote thank you letters to people in our class who may we not always show our gratitude towards.           
On 14th October the 'Open the book' team told us the story of Daniel in the lion's den. The King was thankful for Daniel's deliverance. In our class worship we looked at the inspirational life of Anne Frank and how she was thankful even in adversity. It made us reflect on the hard times in our lives and how we must always look for reasons to be thankful and put our faith in God.   
On 18th October Y5 led whole school worship. They performed their interpretation of the story of Daniel and explained how we should remember to be thankful for our God given gifts and talents and use them wisely.             

On 23rd September the Salvation Army Visit to inspire us to give to the foodbank for Harvest 2019


Bishop Jill Duff visited school to launch our "Succeed with Increasing Self Belief" theme on 6th June 2019. She told us how the Christian values wisdom and humility helped her succeed and how they can help us.

The Open the Book team told the story of David and Goliath

Wesham Worship group visit

At the RE pupil conference we made friends with some pupils from Wesham school. We invited their worship group to our school. We gave them a tour of our school and they were very impressed with our environmental area and how big our school is!   


We had refreshments in the community room and asked some challenging questions to learn more about each other. We did a craft activity where we drew round our hands and personalised it with words and pictures that we felt represented us. We then exchanged them with the children from Wesham. 



We had a great afternoon finding out how our Church schools are similar and yet unique. Watch this space for when we visit them!


The story of Samuel made us think more about listening to God's voice

Vicar Dave told us about injustice!

Vicar Dave told us about injustice! 1 Mr Scott V Y1= not fair!

We love the Bible stories from the Open the Book team!

Andy spoke to us about why we should remember 11th November.

Dave told us how we are all made in God's image but unique- Psalm 139

Mr Green told us about the work of the Salvation Army

The open the book team told us about Joseph

The 'open the book' team from Church led worship about creation. It really made us think about God's amazing world.

The 'open the book' team talked about what happened in the Garden of Eden.

Dave talked about preparing for Christmas and Andy talked to us about being ready for Lent

Our Church kindly gave us a class set of Bibles-thank you!

Our Church kindly gave us a class set of Bibles-thank you! 1

Easter 2018

Easter 2018 1

P is for perseverance

Our new Vicar, Dave and Mr Pratt did a puppet show about why we shouldn't gossip.

Our new Vicar, Dave and Mr Pratt did a puppet show about why we shouldn't gossip. 1
Year 2 thought about why they thought gossiping was wrong...

Year 6 leaver's service

Some of our Year 6 pupils attended a leaver's service at St Leonard's to worship together with other Church schools in the local area. We were invited to talk about the Christian value of perseverance, a value shared with Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Buddhists and people of no faith. Year 6 dedicated their message to Ben Ashworth and his great perseverance. We were so proud of the children, the way they spoke and their behaviour. It was a lovely afternoon.

Some children were so good at singing-they took to the stage to set the example!

Some children were so good at singing-they took to the stage to set the example! 1

Our whole school Easter worship

Inspirational speakers...

Bishop Julian 'opened' our community room