Class Led Worship

September 2019-2020

This year, Year 6 started off class led worship by retelling the story of the good Samaritan and reminded us of the importance of the Christian value of generosity. We now understood that generosity is not always about money.

Year 5 followed by sharing their interpretation of Daniel and the lion's den. They taught us the importance of the Christian value of thankfulness and reminded us of all the reasons we have to be thankful.

Year 5/6 retold the story of Nehemiah. They performed their own plays about forgiveness and reminded us about the importance of justice and the peace that forgiveness can bring.

Year 4' s worship was about peace and compassion. They told us the story of the Wise men visiting Jesus and the peace that Jesus brought to them. Y4 told us about the inspirational leader, ML King and how he was filled with compassion for people fighting injustice and oppression. 

Y3/4 brought a tear to our eye as they told us about love and family. They brought the story of Jesus lost in the Temple to life and reminded us about how being in God's presence fills us with peace.

Year 4 did a super job teaching us all about peace and compassion. They brought us to tears with their 'Stand by me' song with actions and their role play was brilliant. They told us about Martin Luther King and his famous speech. They taught us about times when Jesus shared compassion and brought peace to situations. 

Year 1 did a very special class worship all about Mums and Grandmas.

Lent was the focus of Year 2's class worship.

Year 3 and Miss Patel told us all about breaking down walls of injustice

Y3/4 led worship all about Candlemas and the amazing missionary, Gladys Aylward

Y4 led worship and told us about inspirational people who followed God

Year 5/6 reminded us how important it is to be generous

Y3/4 talked about I for include everyone

Y5/6 talked about PUSH (pray until something happens)

Y4's class worship about Service. What a superb child led presentation- well done Y4 and Mrs Collier

School Council's worship assembly for Christian Aid week

Whole school Easter service

Foundation Stage led a Mother's day class worship on 24th March

On Friday 10th March Year 1/2 led class worship. They told us all about our Christian value of Justice and what it meant to them. It was brilliant! Well done Y1/2!


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