Class Led Worship

September 2021 - 22

This year, we are, once again, building our class presentations around the "Aspire to Greatness" Values.  Our "Open the Book Team" will present a drama once a month and our classes will follow through with a presentation which develops key themes from our chosen school values.

Each class has also created pieces of Art Work, inspired by Hannah Dunnet and  which fit the values we embrace throughout the year.  These pieces of art work are on display in the school hall.

Achieve,  Succeed,  Persevere,  Include,  Respect and Enjoy are the core values for the school and these are underpinned by additional values for us to explore throughout the year.  The plan for our class worship is on this page and families are invited to the acts of worship when they take place throughout the year.

Together with our local parish church, we join to celebrate the Christian Values we share and which have a relevance to human values and the values found in the faiths within our community. 


Files to Download

Aspire to Greatness