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We have a variety of sport and activity clubs on offer throughout the year. We use our PE and school sport premium funding to provide extra curricular clubs with access for all pupils free of charge. 


Summer term competitions 2019

(including Christ the King Partnership Events, Preston School Sports Council Leagues and Competitions and School Games events entered this term) 

Date, time and Venue


Who for?

Football league fixtures both home and away –throughout the year.

Preston Primary Schools Football League

Year 5 and 6

Girls’ Football league fixtures both home and away –throughout Summer 1 term.

Preston Primary Schools Girls’ Football League

Year 5 and 6

Thursday 2nd May, 1-4pm,

Play Football, Ingol

PNE football event 

Y1 and y2

Wednesday 1st May, 9.30am - 12 noon

Christ the King

Tennis event 

Year 5

Thursday 9th May, 1-3pm, 

Christ the King

Y3 football event 

Year 3

Friday 17th May, 1-3pm,

Christ the King

Cycling event 

Year 5

Wednesday 12th June, 9.30am - 12.30pm, Fulwood and Broughton Cricket Club

Kiwi Cricket Girls

Year 6

Friday 14th June, 9am -3pm

Preston Schools Sports Festival

Teams for events from years 1-6

Thursday 20th June, 1-3pm, 

Christ the King

Kwik Cricket

Year 4

Tuesday 25th June, 1-3pm, UCLan Sports Arena. Quad Kids Athletics Year 3 and 4

Wednesday 3rd July, 1-3pm, 

Christ the King

Athletics event Year 6
Thursday 11th July, 1-3pm. Christ the King Rounders competition Year 5


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