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Over the course of Year 6 we will be looking at Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. Our focus lines of enquiry over the year will be:

  • Is life like a journey?
  • What is a good life well lived?
  • How do religions mark the ‘signposts’ and the ‘turning points’ on the journey?
  • If life is a journey, where does it lead? What is happiness?
  • What is the map for our journey?
  • Can people really change?
  • Who or what are we accountable to?
  • Should we prepare for the future?
  • Where do we start and end on this journey?
  • Who are the important people on our journey?
  • What do we commit ourselves to on our journey?
  • What should our attitudes be on our journey?

We started the Autumn Term exploring the Hindu faith and how Hindu's view their journey of faith. We then though about how the main principles of this could link/relate to our own lives.

As well as this, we took what we had learnt about Hinduism and applied it to the festival of Diwali. We thought about the concept of light and dark that was so important to the story and then thought about how it related to us individually and to us as a Christian school. We made collages and wrote Christian values as well as our thoughts and feelings on them to represent the light and dark in our lives. 

On the run up to Christmas, our thoughts turned to how Christians prepare for the occasion. We read the scriptures from the Gospels and focused on the importance of Advent and it's meaning.


As has become a school tradition, we all made our own Christingles to take home. 
We were also invited to church by the 'Open the Book Team' to take part in Christmas Unwrapped. To complement our RE classwork, we talked about the difference between the real meanings of Christmas and the 'fluff' that can sometimes disguise them.

Spring Term

Our focus this term has been on Christianity and particularly why Christians celebrate Eucharist and why the Exodus is such a significant event in the Jewish and Christian history. We have really enjoyed exploring these thoughts and have spent much time making connections between the faiths and Christian values.