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Over the course of Year 3 we will be looking at Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Our focus lines of enquiry over the year will be:

What is power/a powerful person? 

Who should we look up to? 

What is/who has the X factor? 

Can people/one person change the world?

What qualities make a good leader? 

Are the founders of the faiths good role models? 

What does it mean to inspire/be inspired?

What can we learn from the life of people who started a religion? 


 First Half of the Autumn Term - Islam 

This half term we have been learning about Islam and more specifically, the origins and leadership of Islam. We thought and learned the following things....

Second Half of the Autumn Term.

This half term we have been looking at Christianity and focusing on the question – Who should we look up to?We have looked at how Christians use the time of Advent as a focus to do charity work and help others. As a class, we researched about the work The Children's Society do and we filled money boxes with pennies to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We then thought about people that we knew who dedicated time, money or material things to help other people. We decided who inspired us to want to a better person and be more like them. Just like Jesus does for Christians.

We also followed Bishop Philip, and other people from the Blackburn Diocese, on their pilgrimage to the birth place of Jesus. We tuned in to his daily vlogs and thought about how he too was a special person who inspires us to want to be better people. 
We also made our own Christingles using the materials provided by The Children's Society. The orange represents the world, the stick the 4 seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn and winter), the sweets - gifts from God and the red ribbon wrapped round as a symbol of the blood Jesus shed when he died and how it spreads all over the world. The candle in the top represents Jesus, who Christians believe is The Light of the World.

1st Half of the Spring Term.

Our question for this half term was: What is expected of a person in following a religion or a belief? We used Hinduism as a focus to help us answer this. We thought about these questions:

What 5 daily duties should I follow? Why?

How do I should commitment to a belief? Should I? 

What would happen if I didn't do my duties? Would it matter if I didn't do them? Why?

What are our duties?

Does anything stop us doing our duties?

We looked at the Five Daily Duties that Hindu's carry out and in particular the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. We thought about our own relationships with our own family members and friends and made some special thread bracelets for our friends as a promise to care and protect them. 

2nd half of the Spring Term

Our focus in RE in this half term has been on Holy Week and more specifically, the feelings of sadness and joy at this time. We used paintings, videos clips and extracts from the Bible to  explore the events and to help us create our own artwork and drama. Through our artwork and drama, we were able to convey the changing feelings that Jesus, his family, the disciples and others must have felt during this time. We used different colours to express the different feelings too.

First Half of the Summer Term

This half term we are exploring Buddhism. We have listened to how the religion came to be and about it's founder Sidhartha. We even used music and visuals to practise meditating too to help us feel more relaxed and focused.