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RE and worship

Worship in 2020

This half term our Christian values are peace and compassion, linked to the R (respect) in ASPIRE. We took part in the big bird watch with the RSPB and we had outdoor worship. We said thank you to God for the birds and it was wonderful to spend time in his creation. When we came inside we shared the peace with each other.


The Bible

We are really enjoying learning about the BIble. We have looked at so many different versions. We have started learning about the different parts of the Bible and we are going to make a display in our class. Watch this space!




We brought in our own special books. For homework we prepared a presentation for the class about why our book was special to us


Vicar Dave came in to talk to us about the Bible. He showed us a Bible in Urdu that he had when he lived in Pakistan. He shared a special Bible that belonged to his Dad and had his notes in it. There was also a Bible that Dave was given when he was training to be a Vicar.


Mary travelled back in time and visited Y2 so we could ask her questions.   


She told us all about the Angels visiting. We imagined how shocked we would be if an Angel visited us!   


We were so excited to help the Open the book team retell the Christmas story to the whole school.


Carol service

We were also so pleased that our worship leader was chosen to pray as part of the school community.