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2019 policy, curriculum overview and Spirituality document

Christmas 2019

Mrs Devitt and Y3/4 had a visit from Vicar Dave to ask him questions about the Trinity and all about the Gospels. He was very impressed with their BIG questions.


Year 2 had a visit from Mary and the opportunity to ask her questions about how she felt to be chosen by God and he she felt when she was given the good news.




All of KS2 visited St Stephen's Church to take part in 'Christmas unwrapped' where they found out that Christmas is not just about the fluff but about the incarnation.



Diwali day 2019 

We had a deep dive into the story of Rama and Sita! Each class shared an aspect of the story through drama, dance, music, poetry, art, DT and much more. Members of the Hindu community visited from the Mandir next door.  They did a dance workshop, taught us how to make traditional Rangoli patterns and we even tried on traditional Indian dress. We had mendhi patterns on our hands. What an amazing day!

Eid Enrichment 2019. Thank you to our muslim community for treating us to Mehndi patterns, food tasting and trying on Eid clothes. Mr Timol also taught us about the Quran, Hajj and the importance of respect for ourselves, others and the planet. Year 4 also visited our local Mosque and met the Imam. We celebrated our learning in a special assembly.

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Wesham worship group visit St Stephen's Ethos group


At the recent RE pupil conference, we made friends with some of the pupils from Wesham school. We invited their worship group to our school to meet our Ethos group.




We had a lovely afternoon getting to know each other and learning more about how our Church schools are the same but unique.



We can't wait to visit them!

Easter Enrichment in Nursery 2019


We read the Easter story and acted out parts in Nursery. We made Easter cards for our families and participated in other activities such as egg decorating, creative chick making and had an Easter egg hunt!

Easter Enrichment 2019

The Great Commission - Mrs Collier's Group.


When Jesus appeared to his disciples after his death he told them that it was now their job to spread the Good News and God’s message of peace, love and sacrifice and forgiveness over the world. We thought about our community and places all over the world where bad things are happening – places where they need to receive the message of God’s love.


We wrote prayers on gift bags and decorated them with messages of positivity. We have put candles inside the bags to give to people to spread God’s light into places where there is darkness. People can light the candles as they read our prayers so show that God’s light is with them.


We also attached our prayers to biodegradable balloons and released onto the playground them to spread God’s light even further.

Easter 2019

Year 2 did lots of learning about Lent for our class worship.



Then we found out about Easter symbols and Easter traditions around the world.




We found out all about Easter traditions in Poland especially.



Mrs Chappelow's group found out more about the last supper. Bread making, chalice designs and drama were all part of the Easter enrichment day fun! 

We talked about how during the Passover, the bread had no time to rise and so flatbread is used, even now.



Easter Enrichment - Miss Crosby's group


We started by looking at the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed with 3 of his disciples before Judas betrayed Jesus by kissing his cheek. This signal informed the guards who Jesus was and so they arrested him. 


We then started to prepare to create our gardens. We made play dough in groups and decorated our boxes. 


After that, we went to the environmental area to collect things for our gardens.  Back in class, we planned the layout of our gardens.

By the time we had don't this, out boxes were dry! So we started to arrange our gardens. 

Our finished Gardens of Gethsemane!

RE Pupil Conference -2019

We were delighted to attend the RE pupil conference on Ash Wednesday at Ewood Park, Blackburn.


The first challenge was a tough one. Decide what matters most! We worked with other schools to order things according to their importance. We realised the difference between wants and needs!


We talked about the rights of the child and how it was our duty to help those who are being overlooked by society. We researched the work of different charities and thought about how we can help and WHY it was our duty to help. We recalled Matthew 22:34-40.


In the afternoon we reflected on all learning and thought about how we could involve our whole school.

EYFS and KS1's visit to the Church for Christmas

Y5's Christingle service

Our outdoor remembrance service

Diwali day 2018

Our Eid day fun 2018

Our Diwali day 2017

Rama and Sita drama

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