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Spring reading challenge.

I have challenged the children in year 5 to read 1000 minutes before the Easter holidays. 

If every child in the class manages it we will have a class treat to celebrate. 

I also have a prize for the most number of minutes read, so even if you reach 1000 keep going!

Read Theory 

All the children have a log on to

Please encourage them to access and complete a few activities a week. 

If you complete some please record it in your diary so we can celebrate it together. 




It is really important that children read. There is such a wide expanse of reading materials available there is always an opportunity to get reading! 


Although I will encourage children to read for pleasure, I also find sometimes children stick to a genre they know they like. Exposing children to other genres may open a whole new world of enjoyment for them. 

We offer a wide range of books in our class library and the local library in town is free to join and borrow from. There are also some wonderful websites you can access such as love4reading, that will give you access to the opening chapters of the books and Top Marks that provides online activities. 

If you are struggling for inspiration School reading list offers suggestions for each year group. 


Diaries are checked on a regular basis, please ensure you check they are completed and sign weekly. There are reading challenge sheets in their diaries with prompts for questioning and discussion with your child.