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School Closure/Self Isolation Work

Purple Mash

2do activities – I will try and keep up to date with marking these. The English and Maths games should be played daily. Please think carefully about any written work you complete on Purple Mash and ensure that it has all features of a year 1 writer.

Year 1 writer – Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in the correct places. Ascenders and descenders (please look at handwriting link). Use wow vocabulary, conjunctions such as and, but, or, when, if, that, because to join sentences.


Log on to phonics bug daily and complete the tasks to earn coins and rewards!


Practice the Y1 spelling list – the link is below. I will also add weekly spelling and phonic patterns to this page.


READ! Fiction, non-fiction and poetry – write a book review, describe the characters and settings, write a new story inspired by your book, change the ending, create illustrations.


You can log in each day and complete the lessons.


Find out about Holy Week. Draw and write about the evens of Holy Week and your feelings towards these. Can you make symbols to represent each part of the story?


Research a famous explorer such as Scott, Shackleton, Hillary and Grylls. Produce a non-chronological report about your explorer. Listen to the ocean and continents song (see link below). Research mountains and life in the North and South Pole.


Draw/paint a picture, which is inspired, by water. We are studying Hokusai, Hockney, Monet and Pissaro. Research one of these artists and their work.


We are learning abut animals including humans. Research an animal and what it needs to stay alive, happy and healthy. Recap parts of the body, the skeleton and the senses. How do humans need to keep healthy? Keep a food/exercise diary for a week. Compare weather in Winter/Spring. Go on a Spring walk. What are the signs of Spring?


We are learning about healthy food. Design and make a healthy snack in a recycled package.


We have been learning about healthy living and money. Keep a track of money spent in a day.


Use BBC Super Movers (link below) and Go Noodle (link below) to stay active and mindful.


Our Purple Mash units are Unit 1.4 Lego builders and 1.7 Coding