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In Science in autumn, we learnt about the weather in Summer and Autumn. We learnt about how the sun if very hot and can melt objects. We experimented which objects melted under heat.

We talked about rain and how it is made. We completed an experiment of how rain goes through clouds using water, shaving cream and blue food colouring.

Take a look at our experiment!

When learning about the weather, we talked about wind and the direction it blows. Children each made a wind sock using cups and art paper to use outside to see which direction the wind blew.

Here are our wind socks!

Human Body

We have been learning about our bodies and senses.

We drew around a member of our group and then labelled all the parts on the body that we could see.

Exploring our bodies

We went outside to explore different ways we could use our bodies. We completed balancing, hopping, skipping, jumping and throwing activities.

Heart Rate

As we have been learning about our bodies and the affects exercise has on our bodies, we decided to test our heart rates before and after exercise to see if it made any difference.

We took our resting heart rate before and after exercise, after we completed jumping jacks, jogging, running and hopping. We recorded our results to analyse.