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Thursday 11th June

Thursday again...they do seem to come around quickly!


I hope you are all well, I am so proud of you all...keep sending me all the awesome pictures of things you have done.


Todos are set on purple mash. Keep  working on the TT rockstars


Reading - Read your book for at least 15 minutes and chat about it with a grown up.

Spelling - Speed writing like we do in class -choose some of the trickier words you have created with suffixes this week, 30 seconds a word, like we do in class. 


Do you know the story of Robin Hood? Watch the first film clip which summarises the story of Robin Hood.

Now watch The Legend of Robin Hood and have a go at the quiz on the website underneath the clip

What do you know about Robin Hood after watching the film clips? Read the  story below  about one of the adventures of Robin Hood: 
Think about all you have found out about Robin Hood. Create a poem about him. Choose either an acrostic poem or a shape poem. There are links below to some examples to help you. 

For the shape poem, you could use the shape of an arrow or Robin Hood’s hat or something different relating to Robin Hood.

For the acrostic poem, you could use the words ROBIN HOOD or SHERWOOD FOREST or any other words that you think are suitable about Robin Hood.

Maths - Summer Week 4 Day 4

Year 3 - Scaling

Year 4 -  Counting square

PSHE - How important are routines? 

Have a read of the picture news document.  Do you have a set routine for anything?  How has your routine changed during lockdown?  

Create a timetable for a typical weekday before lockdown and a typical weekday during lockdown. Compare the two timetables, using the following to help: • What time do you get up? Is it the same/different on each timetable? • Is your morning routine the same? • How much time do you spend doing schoolwork on each timetable? • What time do you go to bed? Do you get more or less sleep on the lockdown timetable? • Which timetable has the most routine? • Which timetable would you prefer as your typical weekday?