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Thursday 16th July

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all okay.

Here is your work for Thursday.

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

We are continuing all week with learning the spellings off the year 5/6 spelling list. 

Today's grammar is making a grammar quiz mat of your own and trying it on someone in your family.

Second Session

Watch and enjoy the opening to the Pixar short, Partly Cloudy ( up until 4: 19 mins ) on Youtube here ;

Note : Don't watch past 4:19 mins as you are going to make a prediction.




Based on what you have so far, make and write down a prediction of how you think the short will end.

Now finish watching to the end - was the ending as you predicted ?

You may wish, at this point, to re-watch the short in its entirety - to enjoy from beginning to end.

Imagine you are the cloud in this film. Write a diary entry of the day based on the events from the film.

Before writing your diary entry, make notes about the events of the day - thinking about the cloud's thoughts , feelings and actions and any words or phrases which you may wish to include. After planning your diary entry , write it - including your ideas for each section. Once completed read it through - checking your spelling and punctuation.

Third Session

Fluency - 15 minutes on TTrockstars

Watch the video clip on timetables and then complete the worksheet.

Fourth session

If you enjoyed writing your diary entry as the cloud ? Why not write a diary entry from the perspective of the bird ?

Fifth Session

Write or draw some memories that you have while you have been in lockdown.


Well done

Nearly there !


Take care


Mrs Cheetham