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Thursday 16th July 2020

Thursday 16th July 2020.


Activities to complete today (if you can): 


Click on Week 12, Lesson 4 – Timestables. Watch the video, do the activity, mark your answers. If you have any questions, or are struggling in some way – please get in contact with myself on Dojo and I will try my best to help you! The questions and answer sheets are on the ‘Attachments’ section of today’s work on our school class page.


(Remember – if this material to too hard for your child at this stage in their development or without the resources they would have access to in school – please do not worry about doing this. You are also welcome to try lower year group work if you feel this would be beneficial. Please contact me if you think this applies to yourself.)


p.s. Please message me to let me know when you have done your maths work – it is nice to see it, as I cannot see it like I could on Purple Mash. Thanks!


Writing Task – Focus Theme: Pixar Perfect Be prepared to laugh, cry and everything in between as you delve into three of Pixar’s best shorts. When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.


Watch and enjoy the opening to the Pixar short, Partly Cloudy (up until 4:19 mins) on YouTube here: Note: Don’t watch past 4:19 mins as you are going to make a prediction! Partly Cloudy Full Movie:


Based on what you have watched so far, make and write down a prediction of how you think the short will end. Now finish watching to the end – was the ending as you predicted? You may wish, at this point, to re-watch the short in its entirety – to enjoy from beginning to end.


Imagine you are the cloud in this film. Write a diary entry of the day based on the events from the film. Before writing your diary entry, make notes about the events of the day – thinking about the cloud’s thoughts, feelings and actions and any words or phrases which you may wish to include.


After planning your diary entry, write it – including your ideas for each section. Once completed read it through – checking your spelling and punctuation.


Remember, if you are not sure or need any help with anything on here – just contact myself on Dojo.





Mr Scott