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Thursday 18th June

Hi Everyone

Hope you are okay today.

Here is your work for Thursday.

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Please take the next five ably words ( Tolerably, understandably, comfortably, arguably, inevitably) Learn what they mean and how to spell them. Write each word in a sentence and put it in your exercise book. Click below on Spellzone and do the activities. 


Today we are learning about correcting punctuation. Click below and do the activity.

Second Session

Read the opening ( up to the end of page 5 ) of Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian here.


Opening of Goodnight Mr Tom



to help with any words you are unsure of.

Based on what you have read , draw a picture of what you think the two main characters described - Mr Thomas ' Tom ' Oakley and William @ Willie @ Beech, look like. Around the pictures you have drawn, label words and phrases taken from the text.

Now watching the opening ( 3:40 mins - 9 :24 mins ) to the film Goodnight Mister Tom here :

Compare the opening of the film to the opening of the book. What are the similarities and differences between the two ? write these down.

Which opening to the story do you prefer - book or film ? Write down your preference and the reasons for your choice.

Third Session 

Fluency - Go on TTrockstars for 15 minutes

Today we are learning about multiplying unit and non- unit fractions by an integer. Watch the video clip and do the worksheet.

Fourth Session - Geography

Learn about deserts ( remember there are hot and cold deserts )

We are going to focus on hot deserts. Look at the powerpoint below. Read the powerpoint and make a poster about deserts using the information on the powerpoint.

Fifth Session - Geography

Look at the powerpoint again and create your own desert biome. You can also use the worksheet that goes with it.


Hope you have enjoyed the work today. Send me a picture of your desert biome.

Take care 

Mrs Cheetham