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Thursday 21st May

Thursday 21st  May

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all Ok at home. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on. Even if it just to say hi! J


**Please just do what work you can and please please don’t worry if you don’t do it all.  I’d rather give you lots to keep you busy than not enough. If you wish to do alternative activities, that is also absolutely fine. Just do what is right for your family situation. Also, if you get stuck or are unsure, please just ask me. **


 Today’s activities are as follows:

  1. Complete Day 34 spelling activity on Purple Mash 2Do
  2. 30 minutes Read Theory – take your time and do not rush. Remember your are aiming for 80% or above.
  3. On the Kids Classroom Secrets, complete one of the grammar activities.
  4. Below, I have attached a worksheet based on dividing fractions by whole numbers. We have covered this in school so it will be a useful revision exercise for you.

**REMEMBER THAT MRS COLLIER DOES NOT LIKE WHOLE NUMBERS! SO TURN THEM INTO A FRACTION FIRST Eg 3 becomes 3/1 or 15 is 15/1. ALSO REMEMBER TO KFC – Keep the first fraction as it is, Flip the 2nd fraction and change the divide to a multiplication **


There are 2 useful videos as another reminder on:

Just watch the video. You don’t need to read/access any of the others things on that page.


Please complete this if you can. You don’t have to print it off, just record your answers and working out in your green book or do them on the squared paper I gave you and stick them into you green book. I have posted the answers for yesterday’s Maths work for you to self-mark.

  1. If you have an IDL log in...use it each day and complete the lessons.


Writing - Theme: Climate Change


Explore how you can help combat climate change, using the two sources below. Make sure you jot down notes as you are reading.

NASA Climate Kids website: What can we do to help?


National Geographic Kids: 13 ways to save the Earth from climate change:


After reading the two sources, choose your top ten ways to help combat climate change. Create a poster to explain the ‘Top Ten Ways’ other children can help combat climate change.

When designing your poster, consider these points.

  • Think about your layout – how will you make it stand out / eye-catching for your reader?
  • Think about your main title and subtitles – how could you make these encourage the reader to continue reading?
  • Think about your vocabulary – try to use precise vocabulary to make your explanations brief.


Science – The human body.


Using the video links on

Make notes on the skeleton and the muscles in the human body in your green book.


French – Asking for Food – (Please may I have…)

If you can, look at the PowerPoint that I have added below. Click on the sound buttons to hear the words.

With another adult from your household or on your own, use the prompts on the activity sheet that I have added to practise asking for different types of food.

 Eg. Je voudrais trois pommes s’i vous plait

which means:

May I have 3 apples please


Any completed work can be emailed ( or dojo’ed to me.


And as always, any questions please just ask.