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Thursday 21st May

Thursday again...they do seem to come around quickly!


I hope you are all well, I am so proud of you all...keep sending me all the awesome pictures of things you have done.


Todos are set on purple mash. Keep  working on the TT rockstars


Reading - Read your book for at least 15 minutes and chat about it with a grown up.

Spelling - Speed writing like we do in class - 30 seconds per word for the words you chose this week. 


Following on fromthe ideas and episodes viewed yesterday, create your own ‘shoe people’ from the shoes in your house which you may have explored earlier in the week. Give each shoe a name and then create a house for each of your shoes to live in.

Describe it, e.g. Walter the walking boot lives in a … house. It has…  It is… 
Create your own episode for The Shoe People series using your new shoe people from your house.  

Create a storyboard/cartoon strip for your new episode with speech bubbles.  Examples are here to look at before you create your own cartoon strip, 


I have attached a couple of examples of cartoon strips and some blank story boards - I can't wait to see your cartoons!!!



Maths - Summer Weeke 3 Day 4


Year 3 - The 3 times tables - Don't forget you can also practise on hit the bitton and sing along to supermovers

Year 4 -  Divide 3 digit by 1 digit


Computing - Continue to explore the band runner website.  Make sure you know how to stay safe online


PE - Use either Joe Wicks or the link below to the Lancashire games. 

Art - Rob Biddulph  - I am looking forward to seeing your pictures of Alligator! (We should have done this last week when we were learning about crocodiles!!)


I will be reading a story again tonight...See you then!