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Thursday 23rd April

Hi Everyone

Here is your work for today.

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Please take the next five words off the year 5/6 spelling list in the paper pack and learn what they mean and how to spell them and write them in your exercise book. ( interrupt, language,leisure,lightning and marvellous)

Then do the the grammar exercise on purple mash. Do the 2do Samantha's Day ( Devices to build cohesion within a paragraph. )


Second Session

Research Greek monsters


Write down the facts about your three favourites.

Have a quick look at the extract from' Myth Match : Fantastical Flipbook  of Extraordinary Beasts.'


A Fantastical Flipbook of Extraordinary Beasts

It can also be found on but you do have to login to the website. It is free.
Based on this, create your own Greek monster Hybrid, such as a 'Chimarion ' a mixture of a Chimaera and Arion. Draw a picture of your Greek monster and label its features. If you need some help with the layout have a look at the Monsterology extract.


This can also be found on but you do have to login to the website. It is free !
Use this to create your own entry.

Third Session - Maths

Go on to purple mash and do the 2do Recall 12 timestables.

We are then carrying on with fractions. Go to google and put in Lesson 4 - NCETM - Scale the numerator and denominator by the same factor to produce equivalent fractions. Watch the video and do the related task.


Fourth Session - Science

Do the purple mash 2do Food Groups. Follow the instructions and use the template provided.


Fifth Session - General

Watch the video

Try two of the activities. Write about it in your exercise book.

Keep safe and take care !

Mrs Cheetham