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Thursday 23rd April

Literacy =

Re-read Chapter 2 and the starting page of Chapter 3 of 'The Train To Impossible Places' using the PDF of the first few chapters of the book below. Get a family member to read it to you if needed. 


Your task today is to plan the next chapter for the story:

- Use a method for planning that you are familiar with and works for you (Story map, story mountain, story board etc.) We usually use 'chunk the plot' where we write notes for what's going to happen in each section of our Chapter in a table. 

-Think about the following:

What do you think has happened to Suzy?

What will Suzy see when she wakes?

Will Fletch be there?

Where do you think the train is going? Is it to an imaginary place? (Think about the title of the book).

Text for Literacy - The Train To Impossible Places

Maths =

Following on from the previous days perimeter activities, today we will be moving onto finding the missing sides of a simple shape when the perimeter has been given. 


1. Please watch this video

and follow the powerpoint below that shows you how to find the missing sides. 

2. When you've worked through the PowerPoint, please answer the questions on the 'Perimeter missing sides activity' below preferably on your squared paper or homework book if not possible.

3. When you've answered the questions, use the answers below to mark your answers. 

Reading =

1. Please make sure you are reading independently or to an adult for at least 20 minutes and listen to me reading a chapter of our class novel each day.

2. Complete an activity on read theory each day or a comprehension from your reading pack.

3. If you have IDL, log on and complete a lesson.

Spellings =

1. Get somebody at home to test you on the 5 spellings from your list that you practiced on Tuesday.

2. Learn any that you got incorrect.

3. Make a word search using these 5 words and give it to a family member to solve!


We are going to start a new topic 'The Vikings'. Our theme this year has been 'invaders and settlers'.  The vikings invaded Britain after the Anglo Saxons.  Remember that England was made up of different Anglo Saxon kingdoms at that time.  Look at the powerpoints that  I have attached.  Use the  time line cards (most of you could use the one with 2 stars on it.... the 3 stars is a bit more of a challenge and if you need something simpler use 1 star). Fill in any missing information and put them in order that events happened. Write the events in order in your homework book.