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Thursday 25th June

Hi Everyone

Hope you are okay.

Here is the work for Thursday.

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Please take the next five ibly words ( audibly, inflexibly, gullibly, eligibly, and defensibly ) Learn what they mean and how to spell them. Write each word in a sentence and put it in your exercise book.

Today we are testing ourselves on our year 5 grammar. Do the first page and if you want to extend yourself further do page two and three.

Second Session

Day 4

Learn about 'Rip the rescue dog' by reading the true story, Rip: a Rescuer Among the Ruins ( pages 1-8 ) from the book Jet the Rescue Dog ...and other Extraordinary Stories of Animals in Wartime by David Long here: 

Imagine you have been asked to write an information page about Rip and his amazing feats which could feature in 'Brilliant Brainz' - a children's magazine. a sample of the magazine can be found here:

Design a page about Rip which would fit perfectly into this magazine. You may wish to include features such as 

- an exciting title

- fun fact / Did you know ? boxes

- subtitles for your different sections

- explanation boxes for words children may be unsure of

- be creative with your layout - use different fact boxes and images to make your page exciting for the reader.

- you may also want to include additional features, such as a quiz or word search.

Don't forget to use as many facts from the story as possible by returning back to the text to find information, Remember to keep proof reading your work to check for spelling and punctuation.

Third Session

Fluency - Complete the maths mat.


Today we are learning about thousandths. Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Understanding thousandths- Answers

Fourth Session

Play your Brass instrument . Make up a tune and then write some words to go with it. 

Fifth Session

Draw the people in your family and write around your picture why they are special to you. If you have still got time. Do Read Theory or Purple Mash for thirty minutes.


Take care

Mrs Cheetham