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Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Year 2,

1. Spellings/Phonics- There is a powerpoint of the common exception words and phase 5 sounds below. You could practice them to music like we do at school sometimes!


2. Guided reading- Look for apostrophes and words in the present tense in your reading book or any book you have at home. Finish off any questions in the main questions section for the 'Let's get fit' text.


3. English-Today I would like you to plan a piece of persuasive writing and do it in best writing tomorrow! See the sheet below for your learning objective;)


4. Maths- We are finishing time this week so have a go at the song on BBC supermovers and I have put a little quiz below for you to have a go at. Your grown ups have the answers - no cheating;)


5. PE- Joe Wicks, Go Noodle or just get outside and have some fresh air and fun