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Thursday 2nd April

Thursday 2/4/20 Activities


Hello Year 4! I am missing you all lots! Hope you are all well and keeping safe :)


I'm really enjoying getting your daily messages and photos - please keep sending lots! Remember, it is very important to keep up with your school work.


Here are your activities to complete today:



  1. Complete 'What time is it?' in your 'to do' on Purple Mash. You will be asked what time each clock is showing. Please take your time and remember short hand  = hour and long hand = minutes. Make sure you press 'save and exit' before closing the page. 
  2. Log into your 'Kids Classroom Secrets' account and complete a Year 4 maths activity of your choice.
  3. Or choose an activity from your maths booklet to complete.
  4. Practice the ‘multiplication’ game on purple mash in your ‘to do’ folder OR complete a page from your times table booklet.



  1. 15 minutes of reading a day.
  2. Or listen to David Williams reading 'The Midnight Gang'.
  3. Complete at least one ‘Read theory’ activity - please take your time and do not rush! You should be getting at least 80% on each quiz.
  4. Complete one activity in your reading booklet.



  1. Put this weeks spelling into 'WOW' sentences using adverbials and subordinate conjunction in your sentences. 
  2. Log into your 'Kids Classroom Secrets' account and complete a Year 4 spelling activity of your choice.
  3. Complete the 'Y4 Homophones Quiz' spelling activity in your 'to do' folder on Purple Mash. Please listen to the definition of the word before clicking 'i'm ready!". Then, drag the letters to spell each word.



  1. Go onto Pobble 365 website where there will be a new picture and activities each day. Please chose an activity to complete in your homework book or on paper.
  2. Complete 'Describe a Lion' on your 'to do' on Purple Mash.  Make sure you press 'save and exit' before closing the page. Use similes and phrases to describe a lion. Remember for a simile you use as or like. Similes: Watch this video of a lion to give you some ideas:                                                                  Similes: Eg. A mane like a toothbrush. As scary as a dinosaur. Razor sharp teeth like knives. Phrases: A terrifying lion with an aggressive roar. Sharp teeth with ruby red blood dripping off them. Please do not rush - take your time and come up with the best noun phrases and smilies to describe a lion as you can. 
  3. Or complete one improving sentence activity from your booklet.
  4. If you have an IDL account, log in and complete a lesson

Daily Code Breaker! 

Every day this week, i will be giving you some questions that will give you a digit each day to help unlock the padlock below. On Friday, you will have all 4 digits and you will need to follow the instructions to put the digits in order to unlock the padlock.

Dojo your code to me on Friday to see if you have been successful in unlocking the padlock!

Today's Padlock Digit:

RE - Easter

Complete 'Easter Research' in your 'to do' on Purple Mash. 

Use the internet to research about Easter traditions in 3 different countries. Please do the UK as one of the countries - What do we do in the UK to celebrate Easter? Use this video of Easter in the UK to get started:

Choose 2 other countries in the world and use the internet to research what they do to celebrate Easter each year. Perhaps you could do your home country if you are not from England. On your poster, write about how each of the 3 countries, that you have chosen, celebrate Easter.

If you don't have access to the internet, create an information poster about the Easter traditions that you know of in the UK and the Easter traditions that you know of from your country if you're not from the uk.



Be creative! – Make some slime

  1. Tip a cup of cornflour into a bowl.

  2. Add some food colouring of 1⁄2 cup of water, then slowly stir into the cornflour.

  3. Add more cornflour and roll the mixture into a ball, like dough – slime will become

    sticky and stretchy.

  4. When you stop, it ‘melts’ between your fingers.


If you don't have the resources, how else could you be creative at home? 


Staying Active:

1. Joe Wick's daily workout for children - This can be found on Youtube and the live session is from 9am daily.


2.Choose a Supermovers dance and song activity to do like we do in class. Have some fun!

Maths -

Literacy -