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Thursday 30th April

Thursday 30th April

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all Ok at home. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on. Even if it just to say hi! J


**Please just do what work you can and please please don’t worry if you don’t do it all.  I’d rather give you lots to keep you busy than not enough. If you wish to do alternative activities, that is also absolutely fine. Just do what is right for your family situation. Also, if you get stuck or are unsure, please just ask me. **


 Today’s activities are as follows:

  1. 30 minutes on Read Theory – take your time – these are set at the level you are working at so you should be getting 80%+ if you are doing them properly.
  2. Complete Day 19 spelling activity on Purple Mash 2Do
  3. On the Kids Classroom Secrets, complete one of the grammar activities.
  4. Below, I have attached another worksheet based on ratio (the maths topic that we has been working in school). Please complete this if you can. You don’t have to print it off, just record your answers and working out in your green book or do them on the squared paper I gave you and stick them into you green book. I will post the answers for yesterday’s and today’s Maths work tomorrow for you to self-mark.
  5. If you have an IDL log in...use it each day and complete the lessons.


Writing –  Poetry – Beautifully different, wonderfully the same!


Read the poem at the bottom of the page.

Look up the word ‘ugly’ in a dictionary/Word Hippo (online dictionary)

Now read the second poem attached (This is me! -  I bet you can’t read it without actually singing!)

What does ‘unique’ mean?

Look it up in a dictionary and write down the definition.

Can you find some synonyms for the word unique? Note them down.

We are all unique! What makes you unique?

Write down a list of things that make you unique. It could be something unique about

your appearance, about your family, about your hobbies/interests etc.

Write your ‘Unique’ poem all about you.

Follow this format:


Unique feature


 This is me


 Synonym for unique


 Unique feature


 This is me


 Synonym for unique



Here is an example:


My hair is mousey brown and won’t stay straight


 But this is me


 I am unique


 I have seventeen freckles on my nose


 But this is me


 I am exceptional



You can have as many lines as you want in your poem.

Share your finished poem with someone that you live with.


PE – Orienteering - 2nd Challenge.

 Have a go at an Orienteering Course. The Lancashire games team have set you a challenge and showed you how to do it in the link below:

· Now you have created a map you can rub your control points out (numbers with circles) and someone you live with can create a course for you.

· The person creating the new course must put letters in new places around your house/garden to spell out a new word. They must then draw circles with a number in, on your map where they have hid these new letters.

· You are now ready to have a go at the new course yourself! See how fast you can find the letters and spell out the word. Can someone else in your house have a go and try to beat your time?

 · Now that you know how to create an orienteering map you can create as many maps as you like and challenge people in your house or be challenged by them!




Before the school closure, you had all researched, designed and planned an Ancient Greek style pot. Your task this week is to use whatever you can at home to use your ideas from school to design and make a Greek pot (or object). You can use any resources you want to make it – make playdough, make salt dough, use natural materials from the garden, build it out of toilet rolls. You can create your designs in your Green Book first before you take the plunge and start creating the real thing! I have put some images below for inspiration. You will have all week to do this. Please send me photos of what you have been up to. J


Any completed work can be emailed ( or dojo’ed to me.


And as always, any questions please just ask.