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Thursday 30th April

Thursday's tasks

English- Listen to and enjoy 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears' up to 3.59. Make a note of any new and interesting words. Use word hippo to find out what they mean. Listen again from the start to 3.59. The narrator keeps asking how would you feel....? Pause and discuss each time this is asked. The narrator also makes it clear she does not like Goldilocks. How do you think the narrator might describe Goldilocks such as naughty, selfish, spoilt. Do you agree? Re-watch from 3.36-3.59 and pause. Make a list of all Goldilocks' crimes. Imagine you are Goldilocks and write a letter of apology to the narrator for your crimes. Maybe explain why you did those things. Set out your letter just like you did on Tuesday. Don't forget to check your spelling and punctuation. Finish watching to the end of the clip. Do you think if the narrator had received your letter then the ending could have been different? 


Maths - White Rose Hub home learning lesson 4- Problem Solving


PE- Have a go at PE with Joe Wicks, Go Noodle or look at the new home learning from the Lancashire PE service. There is a Y2 challenge!


Spelling/Phonics- Do a little more of the -el powerpoint from Monday and practice your spellings. You could chalk them outside on the floor!


PSHE- Picture News- Look at this week's news story below.