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Thursday 30th April

In case you have lost track of is Thursday!

How are you all? Where did the sunshine go?  I have had to dig out my hoodies!!  Hopefully it will be back soon.

I hope you are all well, I am so proud of you all... Have you seen our special message on the school facebook page?  All the teachers miss you and can't wait until we can all be together again!


Todos are set on purple mash. Keep  working on the TT rockstars


Reading - Read your book for at least 15 minutes and chat about it with a grown up.

Spelling - Speed writing like we do in class - 30 seconds per word for the words you chose this week. 

English - Explore the recipes below from the change for life website... they all include eggs.  

Discuss which recipe you like best. Which one would you like to make? Write reasons why you would or would not like to make one of the recipes depending on your favourite ingredients.  Alternatively, design your own recipe using eggs, with ingredients you have at home.  Write your new recipe.  Check each sentence for spelling and punctuation together.  You could make some lunch with one of the recipes after this and/or send it to family members/ friends who are not in your house

Maths - White Rose Maths 

Year 3 - Summer Term week1 day 1 (week begin 20th April) Equivalent fractions 

Year 4 -  week 2 day 4 hundredths on a place value grid. 

Computing - Reading, replying and sending an email. 

I have sent everyone an email.... please reply to it.  Look around 2 email and add an emoji to your message.  Can you change the size or colour of your font.  When you have replied to my message, send an email to a friend telling them your favourite joke. Remember I am able to read all the messages on purple mash!  If anyone does send you anything that upsets you or is offensive, there is a report button on purple mash.  Make sure you know where it is!

PE - Use either Joe Wicks or the link below to the Lancashire games. 

Art - Rob Biddulph  - I am VERY excited to see your pictures of Sonic the Hedgehog!

I will be reading a story again tonight...See you then!