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Thursday 30th April

Maths =

In maths this week, we will be trialling a new resource. This is the 'White Rose Hub Home Learning' resources which is the scheme we use in school.

On the below link, there is a maths lesson each day with video and an activity for you to complete. Use the answers sheet to help you mark the work. Please make sure you complete LESSON 4 WEEK 1 ' TENTHS ON A NUMBER LINE' not the week beginning 27th April as we didn't use this resource before Easter so we need to start at the beginning.

Literacy =

Create your own information page all about chocolate for a children’s magazine.


1.Using the information from yesterday, can you create your own information page for a magazine all about chocolate? Remember to use some the new words you learned yesterday!

Things you could include:

  • A heading

  • An introduction for your page

  • Subheadings

  • Images

  • A diagram with labels

  • Bullet points

  • Fun facts

  • Your own chocolate recipe!

2.Think about all the Year 4 writing skills that you have been taught. Especially, subordinate conjunctions (as, when, since, whilst, although, after, before, because), fronted adverbials (for how, when and where) and expended noun phrases eg. delicious, creamy chocolate with crunchy pieces in the centre.

3. Read your information page out loud and edit any spelling or punctuation. 

Please remember to dojo or email me your finished magazine information page! I can't wait to see them :)

Reading =

1. Please make sure you are reading independently or to an adult for at least 20 minutes and listen to me reading a chapter of our class novel each day.

2. Complete an activity on read theory each day or a comprehension from your reading pack.

3. If you have IDL, log on and complete a lesson.

Spellings =

After learning words that start with a 'mis' or 'dis' prefix this week, I have set the same quiz based on these spelling words from Monday. Hopefully, now that you've learnt these words, your score will have improved since Monday. I've set the quiz as 'Thursday 30th April - Quiz' in your 'to do' folder on Purple Mash.


Continuing with our topic of 'sound' in Science, today we are going to be thinking about how sound travels. Please explore the PowerPoint I have attached below on how sound travels and make sure you watch the video clip on the PowerPoint.  It is all about vibrations travelling through the air that allow you to hear sounds. 

Activity - I would like you to pretend you are a TV  presenter and explain to a member of your family how the sound travels. I have attached some planning sheets for your presentation to help you. Please use the 2 star planning sheet or if you feel confident, use the 3 star.


After planning and making your sandwich, today and tomorrow you are going to 'Evaluate':

- Write a paragraph or two afterwards reflecting on how it went. Questions you could answer are ones like: What were your families opinions of your sandwich? Did they like it?Why? Did you use the correct amounts or ingredients? What went well? What didn’t go as planned? Did you have to change something from your plan? If so why? If you were to do this again, what would you do differently and why?

PE =

Choose some activities from this week's timetable for the Lancashire youth Games using the link below. I like the Disney dance workouts on 'active' - something fun to do with the family and who doesn't love Disney songs?!