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Thursday 4th June

Hello everyone, 


I hope you are all well and finding a good routine now we are back  into our final half term of learning.  The lovely warm weather has gone for a few days but do still make sure you try and get out and about for daily exercise. 


As always, have a go at the work on here, purple mash or you paper packs. 


Spellling - Have ago at playing hangman with any of the words from last term that you are finding tricky. 


English - Yesterday, we thought about the poem The Sound Collector - did you enjoy it?  Today I want you to collect some sounds...Have a walk around your home and see what sounds you can hear in each room and make your own list.  If we had been in school we would have had a walk around school to collect sounds so if you want to base your ideas there, you can do. 

For example.... The dripping of the kitchen tap,    The purring of the kitten    The wooshing of the hairdryer.   Collect as many sounds as possible.... the more choice you have tomorrow, the better it will be.


Maths - Because we are not doing the White Rose Hub work this week, I have attached another number of the week and some problems for you to solve.  Make sure you read the problem instructions carefully...there is often more than one answer!


Art - Today we will draw "sheep" from draw with Rob


Science - We are going to be starting to think about a new unit in science this week....Light.  Have a walk around your house and find as many sources of light as possible ( lamp/ TV/ Candle etc)  What about outdoors?   Which are natural sources of light and which are man made?   It is easy to confuse a source of light with an object the reflects light.  There is a to do on purple mash linked with this.  Remember to drag your pictures in and write about each in full sentences with capital letters and full stops. Do't let your standards slip!


PE - Cosmic Yoga - I have remembered the link today ( thanks Veronica!)