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Thursday 7th May

Thursday 7th May

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all OK at home. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on. Even if it just to say hi! 


**Please just do what work you can and please please don’t worry if you don’t do it all.  I’d rather give you lots to keep you busy than not enough. If you wish to do alternative activities, that is also absolutely fine. Just do what is right for your family situation. Also, if you get stuck or are unsure, please just ask me. **


 Today’s activities are as follows:

  1. Complete Day 24 spelling activity on Purple Mash 2Do
  2. On the Kids Classroom Secrets, complete one of the grammar activities.
  3. On the class web page, I have attached another worksheet based on angles Please complete this if you can. You don’t have to print it off, just record your answers and working out in your green book or do them on the squared paper I gave you and stick them into you green book. I have posted the answers for yesterday’s Maths work for you to self-mark. Things to remember – angles that are opposite to each other around a point are equal (the same size).
  4. If you have an IDL log in...use it each day and complete the lessons.


Writing – Theme:Robots

In his novel, Pinocchio, the author Carlo Collodi describes the wooden puppet Pinocchio using the following vocabulary: insolent, derisive, rascal, imp, wretched.

Use a dictionary, thesaurus or to define these words. Investigate and collect a range of synonyms (words meaning the same or nearly the same) and antonyms (words meaning the opposite) linked to these words.

What impression do these words give you of Pinocchio?


Before reading today’s text, use a dictionary, thesaurus or to define the words immediately and desperately. Look out for these words within today’s story.

Now read chapters 1-3 of Pinocchio (attached below)

What ‘impish’ behaviour does Pinocchio display? (Use word hippo again if you need to to help) Record in your green book.



GeographyLO: To learn about the physical geography of Greece including Mount Olympus.


** Carried over from yesterday **


Use the following resources to create a presentation about the physical features of Greece and include a section on Mount Olympus. As with the Science this week, you can present it in any way that you wish. Possible suggestions are:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Create a 2Quiz program on Purple Mash
  • Make a 3D model of the body and add labels
  • Film a short video of yourself (and other members of your household if you wish) explaining it – you might like to show different food and exercises in your video.
  • An information sheet (as we have done previously in class) over a double page spread in your green book.


Physical features may include:

What the landscape is like – hills, mountains etc. Are there any forest, Lakes, rivers, seas etc. Are there any greenery/plants/animals etc. What the climate like etc

Information can be found using the following links:

Note: When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online

Physical Geography of Greece –

Mount Olympus



PE – Treasure Hunt

Some of the items will need a bit of creativity. You can do this at home or whilst you are out on your walk. You earn one point for each successful item. Let me know what how many you get!

1. A living creature

2. A Sign

3. A Shadow

4. Music

5. A Heart Shape

6. Water

7. A Ball in the air

8. The word of a colour eg “Blue”, “Pink”

9. A reflection

10. Something valuable

11. An eye

12. A Crack

13. Something fluffy

14. Ten of the same thing

15. An arrow

16. A repeating pattern

17. A sports logo

18. Something glittery

19. The Number 8

20. Wobbly

21. A Flower

22. A ball on a ball

23. Stripes


Any completed work can be emailed ( or dojo’ed to me.


And as always, any questions please just ask.