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Thursday 7th May

Hi Everyone

Here is the work for Thursday.

Well done , we are at the end of another week. I have loved the photos you have sent me of your work and learning activities.


First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Please go over the fifteen words off the year 5/6 spelling list you have had this week and get someone to test you on them. Keep your score in your exercise book and relearn any you have got wrong.

Today we are learning about using alliteration and onomatopoeia. Click below. Watch the videos and do activity one and two. If you want to challenge yourself further , you can do activity three. Please put in your exercise book.


Second Session

Read and enjoy Chapter 5 of the story, The Secret Methods.


Imagine you have been asked to design a poster to feature in a new hunting magazine. The poster is to advertise ways to poach pheasants.

Create a poster explaining the two methods Danny's Dad describes for how to catch a pheasant ' The Horse - hair Stopper ' and ' The Sticky Hat '

Make your poster attractive by including images, an exciting title and words and phrases from the text.

If you are feeling really creative, you could also include an additional method to poaching pheasants which you have invented.


Third Session

Then go on and read Chapter 6 and 7 of the story, Mr Victor Hazel and The Baby Austin.

You can listen to a reading of these chapters here :

Chapter 6 :


This will help you with any words you are unsure of such as SNOB, Hiding, and Veiled. Make note of the definition and synonms of the words selected.

Based on these two chapters, predict what might happen next.

Think about these questions :

Will Danny find his Dad ?

If he does, where is he ?

Why didn't he return home ?

Will they be able to leave Hazel's Wood without being caught ?


Once you have thought about these questions, have a go at writing your own version of the next chapter of the story.

If you have read this story before, create your own new idea for the next chapter.

Fourth Session

Fluency - How to multiply in your head

Click below and watch the video and do the activity.

We are continuing with Lesson 4. Watch the video and put the answers in your book or print off the sheet and write your answers on it.

Then press the - ( minus ) on Summer Term Week 3 ( w/c 4th May ) in the right hand corner. Then press week 2 + and you will find Lesson 4

Percentages as fractions and decimals.

Fifth Session 

The weather is beautiful at the moment ! Go on a walk with an adult and write down the things that you can see on your walk. How many different things can you see ?

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Cheetham