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Thursday 9th July

Hello Year 3/4. Keep up the great work.  I am loving getting your pictures and messages.  

Check for all the 2 dos on Purple mash/ TT rockstars etc. 



Build the spellings up using the pyramid words.



Watch this clip: WING IT - The Animation School

Now watch this scene from the film ‘Up’  (I LOVE this film!)

Your task today is to design/create your own flying machine.

What will it look like? How will it fly? Will it fly like a kite? A hot air balloon? An aeroplane? How will it steer?

Draw and label your flying machine. Use everything that you have learnt over the last two weeks about flying to help you with your design....Don't forget to send these to me. I can't wait to see them all!



Year 3 - Parallel and Perpendicular

Year 4 - Line Graphs


Year 4 could also look at Year 3 work as a refresher



Hour of Code -  Star Wars Coding