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Tuesday 14th July

Hi Everyone

This is your work for Tuesday.

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Carry on learning the spellings on the year 5/6 spelling list. Click below.

Complete the grammar mat.

Second Session

Return to the short Piper, from yesterday and watch again to refresh your memory. Piper Pixar short film.



Imagin you have been asked to write a narrative story which could accompany the short Piper - suitable for a 9 - 10 year old.

Write a short story, either from the perspective of Piper or Piper's parent.

Before wriying your story , make sure you plan it out, using some of the ideas you gathered yesterday. You may wish to use this 'chunked plot'

planning format to help you.

Add words, phrases and notes to each of these areas.


Piper woke up - had to go out to the sea to get own food .


A wave came and hit Piper


Piper didn't want to try again but a crab guided Piper to the ocean.


Piper learned how to manage the waves


Piper enjoyed foraging for food and found enough for everyone.


Once you have planned your story , use your planning to help you write your narrative - taking a section at a time and thinking carefully about each sentence.

As you will be writing a lot about thoughts and feelings of your chosen character ( either Piper or Piper's Parent ), you may wish to include an 'ed opener' sentence or two in your story.

A list of ed words and some example sentences can be  found here.

Third Session

Fluency - Go on TTrockstars for 15 minutes

Please complete

Then watch the video clip on Imperial units and complete the worksheet.

Fourth session

Piper: In this short, Piper demonstrates courage. Explore what the word courage means - using to help you. Write a definition for courage in your own words. Now go back to the film and write down examples of how you think Piper shows courage.


Fifth Session

Complete the Joe wicks workout below.


Well done for completing today. 

Take care

Mrs Cheetham