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Tuesday 16th June

Hello everyone, 

How are you today?  I am missing you lots and really loving getting your work sent to me...really brightens my day!


There are to dos set on purple mash.  I can see who has been doing these and I am very pleased so many of you are using this. 



Find out the meaning of your word and use it in a sentence.  Make your sentence as interesting as possible by using a conjunction, fronted adverbial or sub-ordinate clause. 



Have a go and enjoy the activities on the NHS website below. 

Now design your own shake up activity. 
Write the instructions following the same structure as the activity instructions you’ve just read.  
Design a title for your own shake-up activity.  Write your instructions using numbered steps. Include some pictures and diagrams.  
Now try out your shakeup activity.  Is it clear for others to follow?  

Return to your writing and edit the instructions if you need to.  Do you need to make the steps clearer for your audience to follow? 
Finally, publish your shake-up instructions by writing them on a poster and send them to me and I will put them on dojo for everyone to try out!  



Year 3 Add 2 and 3 digit numbers (follow the direct video link below)

Year 4 - Equivalent fractions (Video on White Rose hub week beginning 18th May lesson 2)



Last week we learnt about reflective surfaces...The most common reflective surface is a mirror.  Read through the powerpoint below and have a go at writing a mirror message for someone in your family. 




Try and draw Parsley the Lion on Draw with Rob.  I did this in school last week and was amazed at how great it was!