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Tuesday 16th June

Good morning year 4,

I hope you all managed to complete some of the work I set yesterday. Please remember to make sure you spread your work out and have time away from screens.

The PDF documents needed for the activities can be found at the bottom of this webpage. 


Here are your activities for today -


Maths =

1.Practice your times tables on Purple Mash or TTRockstars.


2.We are now on SUMMER TERM WEEK 5 (w/c 18th May) on White Rose Hub Home Learning.

Please use this link -



You can access the video online using the link above and please use the PDF below and complete the activity then use the answers PDF to mark your work. 


Literacy =

Focus text:The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis

When following links, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.


1. Read Chapter 1 of the PDF extract of 'The Secret Lake' by Karen Inglis which is at the bottom of this webpage; you may wish to print it out. 

2. Spot the vocabulary that you explored yesterday. If you have printed the extract out, then you can highlight the words when you spot them. Talk about about their meaning in the sentences in which they appear.

3. Think about the characters of Tom and Stella. What are your first impressions of them? How are they similar to each other? How are they different?

Compare the characters using a Venn diagram for Tom and Stella (just Tom goes in his side, just Stella goes in her side and similarities go in the middle). Google 'ks2 Venn diagram' if unsure. 

Explain your Venn diagram to someone in your household. Try to support points you have made with evidence from the text. E.g. I can say that Tom is .... because the text says ....


Spelling =

Using the PDF document below, please practice the 'ssion endings' words using 'look, say, cover, write, check'. You can either print it off or write it on a piece of paper.

These are the words from your Purple Mash Quiz on Monday.


Reading =

1. Please make sure you are reading at least 20 minutes daily - there are lots of free books to read online via EPIC (a free app) or the library service.

2. Complete an activity on read theory, classroom secrets or from your reading booklet.


Music =

This week, we are looking at another band who came from Merseyside in the North West and were famous at around the same time as the Beatles and Cilla Black (who we have looked at in previous week).

1. Use the link at the bottom of this web page to listen to 'Gerry and the Peacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone'. When you listen, how does it sound similar to their music?

2. Gerry and the Pacemakers recorded the song called 'You'll never walk alone' which was originally written for the musical Carousel.  It is now used as an anthem for Liverpool FC  and more recently Captain Tom Moore recorded it during the COVID -19 lockdown.  Why do you think he chose this song?


PE =

Complete a 'Cosmic Yoga' at home. These are great to exercise and relax at the same time!

I have set a Harry Potter themed one on the link below but there are lots of cool themes to the Yoga so if  Harry Potter is not your thing, choose a different one (there's lots to choose from!).