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Tuesday 21st April

Hi Everyone

Here is your work for today.

First Session - Spelling and Grammar 

Please take the next five words off the year 5/6 spelling list in the paper pack and learn what they mean and how to spell them and write them in your exercise book. ( forty , frequently , government, guarantee and harass )

Then do the grammar on purple mash. Do the 2do - The Zoo Tiger ( use of commas to clarify meaning or avoid ambiguity )

Second Session - Literacy

For the second session we need to read, watch and listen to the Greek Myth ' Theseus and the Minotaur' ( You should know this story really well. ) Click on the links below.

Read :

Go back to the text , read again and use 

to investigate any words which you are unsure of. Write synonyms of these words and definitions.

Re-write the story using a maximum of 500 words. Every word counts to make sure you use exciting vocabulary and a range of sentences to excite the reader.

Third Session - Maths

Go to the website

( Don't need to login )

Scroll down and click on

Maths Tower Construction

1. Press play game

2. Press multiplication

3. Press year 5/6

4. Press play

5. Enjoy playing the game

( If you find this too difficult choose another category )


We are carrying on with fractions.

Go to google and put in

Scroll down to Primary / Upper Key Stage 2 - Fractions

Watch Lesson 2 - NCETM - 2 Developing understanding of equivalent fractions through measuring and pouring context and do the related task.

Fourth Session - Fitness

Do different fitness activities such as two minutes of running on the spot, star jumps, jumping from one side to another and press ups if you can ! You could even make up a fitness activity of your own. Count how many you can do in the two minutes. See if anyone in your family can do more than you.


Fifth Session

Use purple mash to do the 2do on 'What happens during exercise.'

Use the questions and template to explain.


Hope you enjoy the activities

Take care , Keep safe !

Mrs Cheetham