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Tuesday 21st April 2020

Activities to complete today (if you can):

  • Reading: Spend at least 30 minutes answering reading comprehensions on Read Theory. Link:
  • Reading: Spend at least 30 minutes reading a book of your choice. If possible, adults to ask questions about the book after they have finished reading. Link to possible questions you could ask:
  • Grammar: 'Spellings Quiz' on Purple Mash. If your child is in Miss Clayton's spelling group, please can you practise your spellings given to you by Miss Clayton before we left. You are more than welcome to give these a go if you wish though! . Link:
  • Maths: In maths this week – we will be trialling a new resource. This is the White Rose Hub Home Learning resources. On the below link, there is a maths lesson each day. It has a video – which you can watch so you understand what you have to do. There is then a task/challenge for your child to complete – after they watch the video. And finally, there is an answers sheet to help you mark the work. I will be asking for feedback for the end of the week as to how it has gone. (If the work is too tricky for your child, you could try the Year 4 link instead and have a go at that to build confidence. I hope this helps). 

***(For Tuesday's lesson - click on Lesson 2)***

  • Writing:  Now that you have drawn your character and written a small description of them, I want you to write the beginning of a story where they meet a different character.


This character should be one of the children's characters - which you should see on our 'Class Story' section of Class Dojo.


I want you to focus on the basics of story writing:


  1. Is it interesting?
  2. Is it set in paragraphs?
  3. Are you using capital letters and full stops correctly?
  4. Are you using speech marks and commas correctly?


You can choose whether you want the story to be funny or scary (I always pick scary!)
If you need any more help, please let me know on Class Dojo!
Mr Scott