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Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning Year 4 - I hope you are all well :)

Here are your resources for the day:

Pease just do what you can and please don't worry if you don't do it all. I'd rather give you lots to keep you busy than not enough.

Literacy =

Re-read Chapter 1 of 'The Train To Impossible Places' using the PDF of the first few chapters of the book below. 

This could be read by a parent or older sibling ect. reading the text to you, by reading a page to each other or independent reading.


- Print Chapter 1 out to highlight all the information you read about Suzy. If you can't print it off, then download the chapter from the school website and highlight it on the computer.


- Now create a fact file about Suzy using the information you have read. Can you use sub-headings to organise your fact file? Who is Suzy? What facts have you learnt about her? What are the most important facts that you have learnt that would go at the top of your fact file? What are the least important facts that would go near the bottom? Can you add an illustration of Suzy?


- Add drawings or pictures to make your fact file look more interesting and check the spelling and punctuation in your fact file.


Please send me a picture of your fact file or post it on 'class story' on dojo :)

Text for Literacy - The Train To Impossible Places

Maths =

Our new topic in maths is 'measurement' where we will be building on our knowledge from Year 3 (so nothing too new don't worry!). 

We will start by recapping how to find the perimeter of a shape from Year 3.

Perimeter = the distance around the OUTSIDE of a shape usually measured in cm. 


Watch this quick video as a recap to what perimeter is:


Then, follow the PowerPoint below which will explain perimeter in more detail.

When you have worked through the PowerPoint, complete the 'Perimeter Activity' below and answer the questions on your squared paper or in your homework book.

I have also put the answers to the activity below for you to mark your answers when you have finished :)

Reading =

1. Please make sure you are reading independently or to an adult for at least 20 minutes and listen to me reading a chapter of our class novel each day.

2. Complete an activity on read theory each day or a comprehension from your reading pack.

3. If you have IDL, log on and complete a lesson.


Spellings =

1. Practice a page of spellings from your spelling booklet (5 spellings) or choose a week of spellings that are stuck in your read record (4 or 5 spellings). 

2. Use Word Hippo (a free app - to search the definitions of your spellings.

3. Write each of your spellings into a WOW sentences. Start each sentence with a fronted adverbial for how, when or where or a subordinate conjunction (since, as, when, although, whilst, if, because, after). Remember your comma!



Our new unit for this half term is 'Are all churches the same?'.


1. For our first activity on this topic, I would like you to search for pictures of different places of worship worldwide from Christianity and other world faiths. Create a PowerPoint or poster on word of at least ten of these places of worship. If you don't have access to word or PowerPoint then please create a handwritten poster and draw your chosen places of worship. If possible, record which country the place of worship is in and the faith of the place of worship. 

2. At the end/bottom of your PowerPoint/poster I would like to explain the main similarities and differences that you have discovered. 'I have discovered that….



Get Active!

Have a go at this 'Harry Potter Yoga'.